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“I feel I was lucky because I wasn’t good at studies” - Pullela Gopichand  Never utters a single word on court but opened up his heart in an exclusive with DSP Mutual fund.
 Pullela Gopichand is versatile in making badminton a game that can be played and also that can coached to aspirants. As a recipient of Arjuna award and Dronacharya award which explains the confluence he created in the game,

Fantastic Learning from the Master...

Here are some takeaways:

Be the best of yourself for the day. That's the only thing you can control, that's the only thing you can celebrate

Focus on the process, the process becomes the goal

Live like a hermit and train like a shaolin monk

The story is always on your side not the other side

No matter how much you win always think of the glass as being half empty, that will keep you thirsty and push you to do more, once you are out of the court think of it like the glass half full, that will keep you satisfied

To remember what has to be remembered is the key to success

Let go of the regrets, be proud of the moment to enjoy it

On his leader
He made me comfortable
He made me like the environment
He only gave me shabashi
So I developed a liking for the craft

Success necessarily is not winning every time

Everyone is talented. We need to map the human with the talent. Its talent mapping over talent identification. Instead of just celebrating the champion we need to find what is he/she a champion in


Learning has to be continuous. It is important to realise that we don't know everything and we need to be humble to acknowledge that.

Today has to better than yesterday and tomorrow has to be better than today.

Challenge the senior and respect the junior By doing that ideas will automatically start flowing in

Be calm, alert & intuitive. The source of learning is within us. If you are calm you have clarity of thought

Be a student of the craft, be enthusiastic about learning and trying new ways, even if you fail spring back with enthusiasm to try again

Every time I go to the field I want to be better at coaching and every time I'm with the students I want to be better at the game. I learn from every student

Knowing what will fail is important

As a sportsperson, when you should be ready to ADMIT that you failed.
Winning and losing is secondary. Personal Excellence is what matters.
Ignore the Failure. Let go.

Don't celebrate wrongdoings Champions will always be there and you will find them but if you spoil the culture by celebrating wrong doings you won't get champions tomorrow

Final thought...
People in power need to be fair
People who have money need to give
People with education should have clarity

Thank you very much DSP for bringing the master to us.. Truly, Invaluable learning

Srikanth Matrubai

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